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Fee Waivers

Does My Income Qualify My Family for a Fee Waiver?
Eligibility Table
Applying for a Fee Waiver
Families who are eligible for a fee waiver should complete the fee waiver application form available at the top of this page, or in hard copy form at the Main Entrance of the school.
If you have a medical card from the Department of Human Services, issued within the last 30 days that lists the student(s) name as eligible for benefits, please be sure to attach this to your application. If you have household income, please submit documentation including:
  • your annual federal income tax filing IRS Form 1040 or W-2 from the prior year
  • OR social security benefit letters
  • OR formal letters stating the amount of financial assistance your household receives
If your income has changed since your last annual federal income tax filing IRS form 1040, please submit documentation including:
  • two most recent pay stubs (within 30-45 days)
  • OR evidence of amount being deposited electronically to your bank for all members of your household
All documents can be sent to the Business Office at Argo Community High School, or emailed to [email protected].
Should you have any questions or need assistance in completing the enclosed fee waiver application, please contact the Business Office at (708) 467-5514 or email [email protected].
updated 12/13/2023