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Activities Office

In Maintaining a "home away from home" atmosphere, ACHS provides an array of activities tailored to the talents, interests and needs of its students. ACHS adheres to the belief that
Academics + Activities = Excellence.
Since involvement, fun and excitement are the keys to spirit at Argo, all students are encouraged to be involved in at least one activity. Any student interested in joining a club or activity should see the activity sponsor or stop in the Student Activities Office. All students in activities must be eligible according to IHSA, SSC and school guidelines.

Clubs & Sponsors

Clubs Sponsor(s) Email(s)
A-Club Tom McEntee [email protected] 
Ambassadors Tommy Jankowicz [email protected] 
Anime Club Andrew Garcia
Gerardo Padilla
[email protected]
[email protected]
Argolite Yearbook Lisa Garett
Jaqueline Almeida
[email protected]
[email protected]
Argopella Nicole Durkin [email protected]t
Art Club Alexa Edwards [email protected]
Jeanette Soebbing
Megan Fitzgerald
Black Student Union Taylor Stamps [email protected]
Chess Club
Lucian Bogdan
Gary Feltman
Contest Play
David Hernandez
Guadalupe Sosa
Culinary Club Erica Swanson [email protected]
Environmental Club Marissa Connolly [email protected]
Foreign Language Honor Society Milosh Lukovic [email protected]t
Freshman Class Board Alexia Walls [email protected] 
Gaming Club Nick Borowicz [email protected]
Graphic Arts Club Bernice Schopf [email protected]
Guard Flags Angelique Grady [email protected]
International Students Club Grace Drobny [email protected]t
Junior Class Board
Grace Drobny
Karen Lesnicki
Kpop Club Nicole Durkin [email protected]
Latinx Concilio Assurim Manjarrez [email protected]
Maroon Newspaper
Kori Bowns
Michael Rojas
Howard Sirota
James Kantzavelos
Model United Nations Robert Markatos  [email protected]
David Hernandez
Jennifer Gutierrez
Muslim Student Association Nadia Elkhatib [email protected]
National Honor Society
Vicky Maslowski
Jeremy Daugherty
National Hispanic Institute
Mayra Zavala
Marisol Onate
Megan Fitzgerald
Jeanette Soebbing
Play Festival
David Hernandez
Guadalupe Sosa
Rise Bible Club
Gary Feltman
Lucian Bogdan
Elise Drejas
Bonnie Clemenci
Miriam Shimko
Patrick Wertz
Robotics Club Michael Cognetti [email protected]
Scholastic Bowl
Erin Walsh
Mary Jo Brown
Senior Class Board Luna Hilal [email protected]t
Bernice Schopf
Kristofer Kowalski
Sophomore Class Board Bryan McCormack [email protected]
Special Olympics Mary Kate Shaughnessy [email protected]
Speech Team
Jennifer Gutierrez
David Hernandez
Alexia Walls
Step Up Joleen Kirchens [email protected]
Erin Walsh
Deborah Cane
Student Council Gene Poull [email protected] 
Vocal Music Nicole Durkin [email protected]t
WARG-Radio Carol McGowan [email protected]
Winter Percussion Michael Doody [email protected]