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Activities Office

In Maintaining a "home away from home" atmosphere, ACHS provides an array of activities tailored to the talents, interests and needs of its students. ACHS adheres to the belief that
Academics + Activities = Excellence.
Since involvement, fun and excitement are the keys to spirit at Argo, all students are encouraged to be involved in at least one activity. Any student interested in joining a club or activity should see the activity sponsor or stop in the Student Activities Office. All students in activities must be eligible according to IHSA, SSC and school guidelines.

Clubs & Sponsors

Clubs Sponsor(s) Email(s)
A-Club Tom McEntee [email protected] 
Ambassadors Tommy Jankowicz [email protected] 
Anime Club Andrew Garcia
Gerardo Padilla
[email protected]
[email protected]
Argolite Yearbook Lisa Garett
Jaqueline Almeida
[email protected]
[email protected]
Argopella Nicole Durkin [email protected]t
Art Club Alexa Edwards [email protected]
Jeanette Soebbing
Megan Fitzgerald
Black Student Union Taylor Stamps [email protected]
Chess Club
Lucian Bogdan
Gary Feltman
Contest Play
David Hernandez
Guadalupe Sosa
Culinary Club Erica Swanson [email protected]
Environmental Club Marissa Connolly [email protected]
Foreign Language Honor Society Milosh Lukovic [email protected]t
Freshman Class Board Alexia Walls [email protected] 
Gaming Club Nick Borowicz [email protected]
Graphic Arts Club Bernice Schopf [email protected]
Guard Flags Angelique Grady [email protected]
International Students Club Grace Drobny [email protected]t
Junior Class Board
Grace Drobny
Karen Lesnicki
Kpop Club Nicole Durkin [email protected]
Latinx Concilio Assurim Manjarrez [email protected]
Maroon Newspaper
Kori Bowns
Michael Rojas
Howard Sirota
James Kantzavelos
David Hernandez
Jennifer Gutierrez
Muslim Student Association Nadia Elkhatib [email protected]
National Honor Society
Vicky Maslowski
Jeremy Daugherty
Megan Fitzgerald
Jeanette Soebbing
Play Festival
David Hernandez
Guadalupe Sosa
Rise Bible Club
Gary Feltman
Lucian Bogdan
Michael McPhail
Robotics Club Michael Cognetti [email protected]
Scholastic Bowl
Erin Walsh
Mary Jo Brown
Senior Class Board Luna Hilal [email protected]t
Bernice Schopf
Kristofer Kowalski
Sophomore Class Board Bryan McCormack [email protected]
Special Olympics Mary Kate Shaughnessy [email protected]
Speech Team
Jennifer Gutierrez
David Hernandez
Erin Walsh
Deborah Cane
Student Council Gene Poull [email protected] 
Vocal Music Nicole Durkin [email protected]t
WARG-Radio Carol McGowan [email protected]
Winter Percussion Michael Doody [email protected]