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ELL Department

The ELL Department is committed to providing support through Resource classes, Co-taught model, and core ELL and Bilingual courses.  Our goal is to decrease any language barriers for students and parents, and to provide opportunities for educational success. We set forth in the mastering of the four essential communication domains- reading, writing, listening and speaking - while providing students opportunity to explore and appreciate culture. 

We provide push-in / co-teaching model in most core subject areas: English, Math, Science, Social Science, PE/Health.  In addition, we also offer core courses.  
Course/Resource Offerings
Algebra 1 - ELL   
Arabic Resource  Offered during lunch
ELL Earth Science   
ELL/ESS Resource  Offered during lunch
English as a 2nd Language 2   
English as a 2nd Language 3   
English as a 2nd Language 4   
ESL 3 Resource  Offered during lunch
Plane Geometry – ELL   
US History – ELL   
The ELL Team