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Art Sequences:

Below are recommended course sequences for students based on their interest in art. Students can take courses at any time while attending Argo. The sequences are only recommendations and a student may start taking courses in one sequence and change to another. Students may also skip courses or take courses in a different order, as long as prerequisites are considered. 



 Art 1 is a survey course in the Art Department. It is recommended, but not required. (9 – 12) 

Drawing and Painting Sequence
Sculpting Sequence
Digital Media Sequence
The Art Team
The Art department inspires students to be creative, empowers students to express ideas visually, encourages students to find beauty in the diverse world around them, and helps students become confident in themselves. We aim to expand the student’s view of the human experience and help them become creative problem solvers who use higher level thinking skills. Through analysis, inquiry, writing, collaborating, innovating, and creating, art classes empower students to achieve a positive future for themselves and the world around them.
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