PowerSchool Parent / Student Portal » Creating Parent PowerSchool Account

Creating Parent PowerSchool Account

  1. In the menu above, hover your mouse over where it says Student/Parents, then click on PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal.PS Parent Portal Link
  2. Click the tab on that says Create Account then the blue button that says Create Account.PS Create Account
  3. Enter the following information shown under the Parent Account Details section:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Re-enter Email Address
    5. Username (Note:  this field is visible to staff members)
    6. Create a new password (Note:  this field is NOT visible to staff members)
    7. Re-enter the same passwordParent Account Details
  4. Scroll down to where it says Link Students to Account, then enter the following information:
    1. Student's First Name
    2. Student's Access ID (Your student's Access ID is their ID number with a "p" at the end.  For example, if your student's ID number is 123456, then your student's Access ID will be 123456p.)
    3. Student's Access Password (Your student’s access password is available on the 2022-2023 Registration Letter that was mailed to you. If you don’t have that letter, call the main office at Argo and they should be able to provide the access password to you.)
    4. Your relationship to your student (i.e. mother, father, etc.)Link Students
    5. If you do NOT need to add another student, skip this step.  If you DO need to link another student to your account, scroll down to the next set of empty textboxes and repeat step 4.
    6. Once all of your student's information is added, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue Enter button.
    7. If the account was created successfully, you should see a confirmation screen letting you know that your account created successfully.  Next, check your email for a link to verify your account.
    8. There will be an email from powerschool@argohs.net titled PowerSchool Account Email Verification.  Click the link in the 3rd line of the email to verify your account.  
    9. You're now ready to login to your new PowerSchool Parent Account!