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Argo Historical Society

Argonauts Bridge Past and Present for the Future

Argo Community High School is proud to announce the formation of Argo Communities Historical Society; a committee organized to preserve and memorialize the outstanding heritage and traditions of Argo Community High School and the surrounding communities.
The steering committee members include:
Dave Brady ’69
Michael Kirksy ’53
Helen Mallis ’53
Terrence Pappas ’82
Frank Stout ’68
and William Toulios ’97
Our goal is to preserve the heritage and educate future generations of Argonauts in the traditions and legacies of Argo High School and District 217.
We are currently accepting donations in the form of trophies, jerseys, playbills, film, pictures, and any other general mementos that will become an interactive gallery for the education of students and nostalgia for alumni. Contributors will be recognized for their donations. To assist with our planning, we are requesting that the initial phase of donations be submitted throughout the summer months. 
updated 09/21/2023