SENIOR Information

  • Senior Portraits
    There are 3 options to ensure your picture will be in the 2017-2018 Yearbook.

    1. We can use the picture you took at Registration earlier this year
    2. You can directly send a portrait that you had taken -
         Must include Student Name & ID
    3. Come take a picture November 27 - December 1 from 3:00-4:00pm in Room 301

    Any questions please let Miss Baldes know immediately or stop in Room 140

    Deadline Dec 1st

  • Senior Quotes
    We are bringing back SENIOR QUOTES in the Yearbook. The theme this year is "Filtered - Unfiltered" and we are using Instagram to help us!

    Send us your best Instagram picture and quote (120 characters long)

    All submissions will be reviewed for any inappropriate content. If it is considered inappropriate it will not be used in the yearbook and you will not get to resubmit another one. 

    Ways to submit your senior quote:
    1. Direct Message the Argolite Instagram account (@argolite) with your favorite Instagram-filtered picture
        Send the picture first and then send your quote - don't forget to add your ID so we know who it is coming from
    2. Don't want to send a picture? Just send the quote (120 characters)
    3. Don't have Instagram? Don't worry! We have you covered!
        Send your picture and quote to


    Any question email Miss Baldes - or stop in Room 140

    1. The Instagram Picture you submit will not be replacing your Senior Portrait
    2. The quotes will not be going under your Senior Portrait like in years past.