Epinephrine Notice
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Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students
INCOMING FRESHMEN: All incoming freshman are required to submit at registration a physical exam on the State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health and an up to date immunization record. In addition to minimum immunization requirements this school year incoming Freshmen are required to submit proof of two Varicella and two MMRs the first doses being on or after the first birthday and the second being no less than 28 days after the first dose.

TRANSFER STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Student transferring in from another school in Illinois must bring a copy of their 9th grade physical and a complete and current immunization record when they register.

Students transferring from out of the state or country must have a new physical on the State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination form with a complete and current immunization record. An Eye Examination Report or the Eye Examination Waiver is to be completed also. (Dental Examination are recommended but not required for freshman and transfer students).

12th Grade Immunization Requirement
Incoming 12th graders and subsequent grades are REQUIRED to provide written proof of having received at least one dose on the Meningitis Vaccine on or after the 16th birthday.

Students have not provided written proof of the vaccine from a Health Care provider will not be allowed to complete the registration process.

The parent/guardian of ACHS students who are deficient for the Meningitis requirement may contact Health Services at 708-467-5647 regarding their student’s immunization status and for information regarding providers who will administer the vaccine.

If you student requires medication during the school day please have your PCP complete the Medication Authorization form and contact Health Services at 708-467-5647.

Student Health Forms
All students entering a State of Illinois High School for the first time are required to present a completed physical on the State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination. The physical must be signed by a licensed physician, Advanced Practice Nurse or a Physician's Assistant. All immunizations must be up to date and signed by a Health Care Professional.

Students who are new to the state of Illinois must submit of State of Illinois Eye Examination Report or a State of Illinois Eye Examination Waiver.

Dental examinations are not required but are strongly recommended. Dental Examination Form

Please feel free to contact Health Services for any medical concerns or special needs.

Health Services Phone: 708-467-5647, 708-467-5648 Fax: 708-728-3216




Health Aide
(708) 467-5647


Health Aide
(708) 467-5648